Key Questions to Consider

  • How will we celebrate accomplishments and honor community champions?
  • How will we share learned lessons to community stakeholders and partners?
  • How will we communicate successes with others (e.g., public)?

Core Activities

  • Highlight the accomplishments and recognize champions, community members, and outcomes – through communication channels, at a ceremony, etc.
  • Engage the media in communicating success stories.
  • Join a community of practices to share your lessons learned or attend meetings that offer opportunities to share your experiences.
  • Share success stories of those positively impacted by community service work.
  • Communicate future progress we can celebrate that will impact the community.

Reflection Prompt: What do you want to celebrate? It can be easy to focus on things that went wrong, but it is equally important to acknowledge successes.
Encourage yourself and members of your community to take pride in what went well!

Social Justice Prompt: How can you allow the voices of marginalized people to take center stage in your communications and celebrations?


Resources to Help You Communicate and Celebrate the Effort

From KU’s Community Tool Box


Troubleshooting Guide for Solving Common Problems